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Make a difference to road safety : Take the "Be the Change - Care for each other" Pledge     Few Pledges for Reference

By pledging and following the simplest things mentioned below YOU can make this society more harmonized & much much happier place to live in.

Drivers - I will NOT attend any call while driving any vehicle. I will keep my phone on silent mode and out of my range while driving and will stay focused on road. I will NEVER drive my vehicle with loud music or with earphones on.

Every Person - I will NEVER chat on the phone to someone else who is driving. While sitting in the vehicle as non-driver I will NEVER ask the driver to play the music at a loud volume.

Drivers - I will be a sober citizen and hence I will NEVER drive after drinking any alcohol or on drugs. I will NEVER get involved into any unnecessary verbal or physical fight with anyone on the road. I will NEVER drive my vehicle on wrong side even on NO or VERY LESS crowded roads (of any area/place). I will NEVER throw anything (paper/ empty wrappers of eatable etc) out of my vehicle window which could cause problem for two wheeler riders and even can make the roads dirty.

Every Person - I will discourage drunk driving and will raise my voice if anyone is about to do that. I will NEVER encourage someone to drive wrong side. I will NEVER throw anything out of my vehicle's window and will save the environment.

Drivers - I will make sure that everyone sitting in my four wheeler (at least those sitting on the front seat) are belted and are well protected. While riding a two wheeler I will make sure that I and my pillion rider will wear helmets. I will NOT jump any traffic signal and will follow all the traffic rules.

Every Person - I will belt up on every journey, and make sure friends and family do too. I will also make sure that whomever is driving should follow the traffic rules and should NOT jump any signal.

Drivers - I will drive slow within defined limits. I will slow down to the minimal required speed around school, crowded markets, during bad weather and I will avoid unnecessary overtakes or competition for space on roads to prevent any disaster from my end. I will slow down my vehicle (after seeing amber light signal) and will stop my vehicle before the zebra crossing (in case of red light signal) to allow pedestrain to walk over the zebra crossing and cross the road.

Every Person - I will speak out for slowing down and help drivers understand that the slower they drive, the more chance they have of avoiding a crash and saving a life.

Every Person -  I will minimize the amount I drive, or not drive at all. I will visit places by walking, cycling or public transport as much as I can, for road safety, the environment and my health. In case going on vehicle is very much required for me then I will pool with other person (going near to same destination) and will try to reduce the number of vehicle on roads. If good/proper public transport is not available then I will raise my voice to bring this in government/local authorities notice. I will not hesitate in helping victims at the scene of accident and will always give way to ambulance. I will not to use horns unnecessarily. I will not park anywhere to save time or parking charges. I will also encourage others for the same.

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