The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness. Dalai Lama
Unless and until we change our thoughts,we can't change our lives.
The quickest way to achieve peace and harmony is to be the harbinger of change by bringing change to our way of thinking. In the process of changing our outer self we must first change our inner self. Our thoughts rule our conduct and behavior, and when we change our thought process, we can change our conduct as well. Alteration in our behavioral characteristic will change our course of life.

Mentioned below are few simple methods to attain peace and harmony for us as well as for the others around us:

  • Listen to your inner voice : If anyday you come across negative thoughts flying through your mind and limiting you to progress, immediately take a stand and replace them with the positive thoughts.Your inner voice has the power to guide you well.Start meditating as it is a better way to get rid of all the negatives of your life and will undeniably help in changing your way of thinking.

  • Be true to yourself and have a meaningful conversation : Communication if kept healthy gives a positive impact on the listener and is helpful in bringing peace and harmony to our lives.Good communication helps in not being misunderstood and get embarrassed further.Being true to yourself will not only yield respect for you in your eyes but will also pave way to get respect from others.

  • Positive IN Negative OUT : Stand TALL and Stand Strong. Many people come across negative situations in life and that is the time when we show we LIVE we don't just exist. Flip those negatives into positives. Stop Whining-Start Working on it, don't mourn over it rather make it your strength.You know it-once you face your fear you will overcome it and will change that situation altogether.Whatever has happened can now not be changed but you have the power to live the way you want in future to come, so it is up to you whether you want to dwell in the past or want that future which is in your own positive thoughts.Always remember in the science of thought making 'similar attracts' so if you have negative thoughts you can't fall for the positive ones.

  • Keep Your Environment/Surroundings Clean :  Harmony is not all about keeping yourself and your thoughts clean, it is also about keep our surrounding/environment clean. Make this planet a better and cleaner place to live by saving the environment. Get your vehicle's pollution and maintenance done on time. Throw the waste at proper place and in properly segregated way (dry and wet waste separate).

  • Care for Others :  While traveling on road, driving a vehicle or while performing any action in life ask yourself if that deed is going to break any rule or going to harm someone? If your inner voice replay as yes then don't do that act.
    BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE in this world.

Thoughts have the power to change the World, smallest or the biggest invention or a discovery once was a thought which was laid down to execute.You have the power to change your tomorrow with the thoughts you carry today. Take control of your own thoughts this will bring a sense of responsibility and stability in your life and that my friend is the start of PEACE AND HARMONY to YOU and to the WORLD.

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