People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln
Happiness is a small word with a big meaning.
Some define happiness as living a good life, flourishing.Some define happiness as any pleasant experience , living life in satisfying way. Some define happiness as achieving goals in life. For some happiness is a feeling of more alive, self sufficient.

So we could find numerous researches with their own definition.
We being human and happiness being an emotional; a physcological state is just impossible to give a single statement of definition for word "Happiness".

"Happy You" believes that happiness is a feeling, our reason(s) for being happy changes every minute, hence "Happy You" advocate for INSTANT HAPPINESS (live the instant which is giving you happiness and cherish it in your memories). Let happiness to come closer to your in any shape, size, format.

"Happy You" strongly support YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (YOLO) and request each and every individual living on this planet to stay happy and follow your dreams, your hobbies, your passion (which is there somewhere in your mind but you have lost it because to some silly reasons) which can make you HAPPY.

Happiness could be felt at every moment of life. Thinking about pleasure , good clothes, spa, luxury cars is happiness.
Involving ourselves in challenging enjoyable activities; jumping; car race is happiness. Our relationships; social connect with each other is happiness. Being a part of something big, renowned, our accomplishment is happiness. Spending money on others is happiness. Caring is happiness, giving is happiness. Happiness lies in the eyes of beholder.

"Happy you" pledge to make all of us realize the importance of being happy. Happiness will not come by itself; we need to perform some actions to achieve ultimate happiness. These actions are decided by you; for you and are executed by you.

"Happy you" share some ideas and helps you to identify how will you feel happy? What will make you happy?

On the other hand there is a section in society for whom happiness means getting daily food for his/her family everyday, getting clothes to cover themselves, and shelter to spend night. "Happy You" and its team is directly involved in helping that under-privileged section of our society. Team Happy You is regularly conducting events with that weaker section to give them some INSTANT HAPPINESS.
Our volunteers regularly visit some of the identified jhuggis and try to give them some happy moments.

Few events "Happy You" covered so far to spread the message of Happiness:
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