About Happy You

"Happy You" is a voluntary organization founded on May 2014 to sustain, strengthen and promote the need of good health, happiness and harmony among all sections of society.

"Happy You" is managed by independent, non-partisan professionals who have been experiencing practically the need of good health, happiness and harmony in our lives. Hence considering it as our social responsibility to spread the message of 3H (Health, Happiness and Harmony) among all sections of society, our 3H ambassadors are committed to work for the same.

Our Mission

"Happy You" aims to bring health, happiness and harmony in lives.

Our Vision

Vision of "Happy You" is to make our society a better, healthier, happier and harmonized place to live in.

"Happy You" believes that our future depends on the way we live today. Following our mission of bringing in notice of every individual (all sections of society) about the importance of good health, happiness and harmony and making them practice the same we can make our future heaven, hence we need not to die in search of heaven.

Our Helping Hands
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